Brandon Goes To Scotland

Nov 6

This past weekend I went on a weekend trip to Amsterdam in the Netherlands with some friends! 

We first visited some of the tourist attractions, such as the above pictured “I Amsterdam” monument. Another extremely popular attraction is the Van Gogh Museum, so I included a self-portrait of Van Gogh above as well. These tourist scenes, while really fantastic, did not feel like the true city.

Once we saw the tourist areas, we proceeded to get to know the city on foot. Through our dozens of miles of walking around the beautifully laid brick roads, as well as around and alongside canals, Amsterdam began to take on a whole new beauty. A thriving yet quaint city, where most people ride bicycles or take the trams, and where cars are never bigger than an American mid-size SUV and sometimes they actually seem toy-like.
The pictures I provided simply cannot do Amsterdam justice. The canals, brick roads, and architecture was simply stunning. Unfortunately time was too limited to do some of the things I wanted, like rent a bike to ride around, or take a ride on the canal tour boats, but that’s fine, it just gives me another reason to return one day.

Amsterdam is truly a wonderful place.