Brandon Goes To Scotland


Highlands Weekend Trip: Part 2.

The first 5 pictures are of the Culloden Battlefield, where the Jacobite Army was brutally defeated. The Jacobite Army was Led by Charles Stuart, of the House of Stuart, and they were a group of Scotsman trying to rebel against the House of Hanover, and return the House of Stuart to the British Throne. The Rebellion led to a brutal crackdown on the Scottish people, with many slaughtered, not to mention additional penalties that were created to weaken Gaelic culture and attack the Scottish Clan System.

The very next picture is a panorama of the bow of a boat that’s taking us across Loch Ness (Loch means lake, so don’t call it Lake Loch Ness), to Urquhart castle, a medieval stronghold used many times until 1692, when it was partially destroyed to prevent the Jacobite (Scottish) Rebels from using it. While mostly in ruin now, it is still possible to see just how large it once was.

The next post will be the 3rd part of the highlands trip pictures, and that’ll be posted tomorrow!