Brandon Goes To Scotland

Oct 9

Highlands Weekend Trip: Part 1.

The first two pictures are of some of the typical landscape found in the highlands, as we travelled to our first destination: The Blair Athol Distillery.

We arrived at the Blair Athol Distillery, which was a very modest complex, encompassing of only a few extremely old buildings. The distillery, which is in Pitlochry, was established in 1798 making it one of the oldest functioning distilleries in Scotland.

Unfortunately we were not allowed to take pictures in the various areas of the tour, so the outside was really all I have pictures of.

Next, we headed to Leault Farm, to see how local farms operate. The first few pictures are of the sheepdog demonstration, and how the Farmer could give distinct whistles to give specific dogs individual commands, allowing him to effectively remotely control where the sheep will go.

A video can be found here:

Border Collies, the dogs pictured here, are widely considered to be the most intelligent dog breed in the world. One border collie, in 2011, memorized 1,022 distinct words, and could respond appropriately to all of them, putting them on par with young children. 

We also got to hold some of the newest born puppies, the one I am holding in the picture above was only 4 days old.

The one sitting on the ground was 2 weeks old, and part of a different litter, but it is old enough to start playing with the bigger dogs.

And the last picture is the widely recognized Highland Cow, a very common type of cattle in Scotland.

Coming up in the next two parts are a Battlefield, Loch Ness, Urquhart Castle, and more!