Brandon Goes To Scotland

Oct 4

The past two weeks have been extremely hectic. For one reason, I had some extended issues with class selection which has finally been solved. 

Another reason being the acclimatising to the new (and very different) academic system. Universities over here, unlike ones in the U.S., generally don’t give graded homework, or quizzes, or midterms, and most of the time, simply have one graded exam at the very end of the semester. Their education system relies heavily on the student governing their own learning, which means you really have to schedule time in regularly for general reading, studying, and doing practice problems on your own, which has definitely been another reason I’ve been so busy.

I also went to “taster sessions” for various clubs and societies. Some clubs I tried out were things such as the Mountaineering Club, The Potholing (or caving) Club, the Kendo Club, Aikido Club, Shorinji Kempo Club, Rifle Club, and a few others. I’m still trying to figure out how much time I can allocate to clubs, but I’m sure it won’t be all that much. I’ve also joined a few societies, such as the Physics and Philosophy Societies, in order to attend some of the fascinating talks hosted at the University. 

The top pictures are of some of the lecture halls, which are not so different from Lecture Halls at Bucknell. 

The next picture is of part of the National Piping Centre, which is where I’ve begun to learn how the play the Chanter (the part of the bagpipes that you actually play).

The Third picture is of a small section of one of Glasgow’s Bus Terminals. Public transportation via Taxis, Subway, Bus, or Train, are all extremely popular, and heavily used due to how inexpensive they are. Vehicle ownership here is much more difficult and expensive, and gas is extremely expensive as well, so generally they aren’t used nearly as much as cars in America.

The last few pictures are of various aspects of the thriving night life. I’ve made dozens of local friends, and they have helped show me the city night life. Pubs, Clubs, Restaurants, Cinemas, and live music every night, it’s a thriving social scene that’s incomparable to anything I’ve seen in America. 

I plan to collect pictures of various pubs, just to show how beautiful and diverse they can be. For example, a popular one is an old cathedral turned into a pub with a small theatre in the back for a weekly event called “A pie, a pint, and a play”, where as the name suggests, you get a pint, some pie, and watch a play.

This weekend I’m going on a Highlands adventure trip, so I’ll be visiting Nessie, seeing farmlands and sheepdogs, exploring a castle, and more, so stay tuned!